Ethical Guidelines

Everyone here is a neighbor. We strive to make each other feel welcome, safe, and respected, to be helpful to one another, and to create and enact solutions to our shared challenges.

We request, when participating in TOT activities, that you:

  • Hold yourself and others with high esteem and respect
  • Be true, precise and courteous with your word
  • Be neutral, by not taking things personally
  • Keep open to the information before you; don’t make assumptions; and, stick to the facts
  • Consider others’ situations and perspectives; seek common ground
  • Strive to ensure all decisions and actions are for the good of the community
  • Use conflict in service of creating practical solutions
  • Ensure information that you share is accurate and non-confidential

The website administrators (Joanne and Paul Helfrich) are neighbors, too, and provide the topotopanga site and private forums as a service to our community. Only verified TOT neighbors (owners and renters) may be registered to view non-public information. We reserve the right to share your name, street address, and email when needed (e.g., so you can be informed), and to withhold or cancel access for any user, including anyone who chooses to share their login information with a non-verified, non-registered person.

Thank you for your participation!

Quality living for all neighbors