Separate dumpster bins are provided for trash waste and recycling.

  • Place items in the correct dumpsters: one is labeled for trash (which can include green yard waste) and the other for recyclables. Please keep trash waste out of recycling dumpsters, as the HOA can be fined, and the cost of paying the fines burdens members.
  • If the dumpsters are full, wait until Waste Management has emptied them before placing more trash in them. If you close the lid of the dumpster and it won’t shut completely, it’s too full.
  • It is the homeowner’s responsibility to require that their vendors haul green waste and construction debris offsite. Any vendors caught dumping in or overloading our bins may be barred  from working in the community and cause homeowners to be called for hearings and fines.If you witness vendors dumping materials, please note the date, time, and identity if possible (e.g.the business name and contact info on the side of the truck) and report it to the Onsite Manager.
  • The recycling dumpster is only for glass and plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard boxes (flattened): no plastic wraps or other hard plastic items, no electronics, no Styrofoam.
  • Please do not leave used items, trash, or anything outside the dumpster. If you feel an item might be reused, please take it to a secondhand store (such as Goodwill) or consider listing your items online (e.g. on NextDoor).

If you see misuse of dumpsters, there is no need to confront or get involved. If you can, take a photo, get the license plate number, note the date and time, and give the information to the Onsite Manager (see Management).

If you have a large item to dispose of, please contact the Onsite Manager to schedule a pickup.

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