Governing Documents

In addition to our own governing documents (see below), we are subject to the state’s property laws. Many of the state laws can be viewed by visiting Davis-Stirling (for laws that govern HOAs in California), Adams-Stirling (our HOA legal representatives), and the California Department of Housing and Community Development (for laws that govern mobile home parks).

For more information, members may visit

TOT Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) (in revision)
These describe the rights and obligations of Homeowners Association (HOA) membership, as they relate to other members and the association as a whole, and of the association to its members.

TOT Rules & Regulations
TOT Rules and Regulations (Revised 4-2019) (PDF) include home/lot rental, personal conduct and noise, animals, vehicles and parking, amenity usage, RV storage, trash collection, lot care, and more.

TOT Bylaws
The 2011 Fully Amended and Restated Bylaws of Top O’ Topanga Community Association provide guidance for meetings, members voting rights, Board of Directors descriptions and duties, committees, and other misc. provisions. (Members may log in and download from the website.)
TOT Community/New Resident Form
All new residents need to complete the Community Resident Form (PDF) (also known as the New Resident Form) and return it to the Onsite Manager’s Office (see Management).
TOT Emergency Preparedness Plan
This document provides guidelines and checklists for emergency preparedness. (Members may log in and download from the website.) See also T-CEP.
TOT Construction and New House Installation Guidelines
Information on what to do before construction, obtaining permits, site inspections, and unit staging.
(Members may log in and download from the website.)
TOT Architectural Change Application
Modifications or additions to a home or property that would require the Architectural Change Application (PDF), the owners’ approval, and HOA approval to proceed include extending a driveway, planting a tree, building a deck or pergola, adding a storage shed or walkway or fence, painting the home’s exterior, etc. You may need to submit plot plans, materials, colors, drawings or renderings of proposed changes, measurements, etc. You may also need to notify neighbors, if your change affects them (i.e., blocking a view, additions near a common lot line).  

TOT Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines
Architectural Guidelines (PDF) include setback requirements, storage shed rules, utility meters, contractor and subcontractor requirements and more. Landscape Guidelines (PDF) help us choose beautiful, environmentally conscientious plants (see Landscape).

The House Paint Form (PDF) should be used when you paint or repaint your house, even if you are repainting it the same color or using the TOT Approved Paint Colors (PDF). Please note that the colors appear most accurately when viewed first-hand in the Office.

TOT Clubhouse Rental Application/Agreement
The Clubhouse Rental Agreement (PDF) provides policies on clubhouse use. The Clubhouse may be rented by members of the Top O’ Topanga Community Association only.

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