Green Group

We are a loosely connected band of TOT residents who encourage environmentally sustainable practices. All residents are invited to participate. To join our email list, or find out how you can participate, email Joanne. See also:


  • COMPLETED – Fruit Picking Posse (see TOT Green for more info)
  • COMPLETED – Green common area cleaning products
  • COMPLETED – Community Composting
  • COMPLETED – TOT Landscape Policy 
  • COMPLETED – TOT Conservation-Focused Tree Trimming


  • IN PROCESS (Board/UIP) – Wastewater treatment plant as means for sustainability
  • IN PROCESS – Native Plant Demo Garden – Renew twelve clubhouse patio plots with native plants.
  • IN PROCESS (Landscape Committee) – Native plant landscaping for slope retention.
  • IN PROCESS (Social Committee) – Engage children, tweens, teens to plant, nurture, and enjoy growing things, animals, insects. Other ideas include tying  in with home schoolers, earning money by doing yardwork and other projects.  Children’s educational coloring pages from Raptors Are The Solution (RATS).
  • IN PROCESS (Social Committee) seasonal activities and celebrations, making food (e.g. Arbor Day April 30)


  • TBD – List of Green Gardeners – John, Mary. See TOT Green.  See TOT Green for criteria. Gillian may have a vendor. Mary to research on Angie’s List. May need a paper checklist or some other help for people.
  • TBD – Rake SquadAlex and Kara, Caran, John, Dave. May rent or borrow (e.g. NextDoor) an electric mulching vacuum. Hasn’t caught on with neighbors. May need greater awareness.
  • TBD – Saltwater pool, solar panels, pool paint/color, green homes (paint, roof materials…) awareness – Gilian and Kara researching
  • TBD – Grey water awareness – see Mother Nature Network article


  • Poison-free landscape (Landscape Committee) – no glyphosate has been used since March 2019 and plant removal is done manually and using Scythe (see study). More work needed to eliminate insecticides and rodenticides in common areas and resident awareness to end use of rat poison.
  • Pro-wildlife actions to encourage natural predation e.g. barn owl nest boxes, raptor perches.

Quality living for all neighbors