Law Enforcement

It’s a good idea to have this information in your cell phone.

For medical or other emergency, call 911.

For non-emergency law enforcement incidents, call the LA County Sheriff Department (Lost Hills Station) during business hours: (818) 878-1808). You can also contact Detective Mike Ranes directly: (818) 878-5559. (We live in LA County and therefore need to contact county, not city, law enforcement.)

To report a non-emergency security issue in the park, call our private security company, Archon Protection: (800) 274-5717. Reporting caller names are kept confidential and only shared with management. Archon will not respond to anonymous calls. You can report:

  • Noise disturbances (loud music, parties, etc.)
  • Suspicious people around the property
  • Vagrant loitering
  • Illegal parking

To report an issue on the highway, including unsafe driving, call California Highway Patrol: (818) 888-0980. You can also contact Officer Weston Haver directly at

Public Information Officer
State of California
Department of Highway Patrol
West Valley Area

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