Parking Survey-Draft

Parking at TOT has become a major issue because there are more cars than we are currently able to accommodate, and no end in sight as to how many more there will be.

Most residents abide by the rules, but others don’t, which exacerbates the problem. Some owners have parking areas on their property that are instead used for storage or  illegal construction. Some residents disregard the rules by parking in guest parking instead of the designated parking areas on their properties, and  parking on streets, which is both hazardous and illegal.

This survey is to help residents understand the situation, determine where the  problem areas are, and find solutions.

  1. Are you aware of parking procedures, including guest parking? (Point to parking rules.)
  2. How many cars at your residence do you need to park?
  3. How many cars can your property accommodate?
  4. Does your residence have parking spaces available for other residents to rent or otherwise use with your permission?
  5. Does your residence have parking spaces, including garages, that would accommodate vehicles if they were emptied?
  6. If you are an owner, would you approve of the HOA granting owners the opportunity to request the abilty to create spaces to park vehicles on their lots? These would include spaces in front of homes, which some owners feel decreases property values.
  7. Do you have space on your lot that you might be turned into one or more spaces?
  8. Do you have other ideas on how we can solve our parking challenges?

Quality living for all neighbors