Pool & Spa

The Pool is currently open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on a reservation-only basis. A maximum of 4 family groups and/or a total of no more than 16 people will be allowed in the pool area at any one time. No persons not living full-time in the community will be allowed to use any common area facility including the pool area. These rules are subject to change and based on mandates from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, the State of California, and the HOA’s ability to monitor and maintain the pool area. The gym, spa and children’s park remain closed.

To reserve pool time, please email TopOTopangaPool@gmail.com. To volunteer to help monitor the pool, please email Natalie Smith or John Grant at TopOTopangaPool@gmail.com. Please provide the dates and times you would be available.

Pool Rules
No lifeguard is on duty, and all use of facilities is at one’s own risk. In case of emergency, dial 911. The nearest phone is next to the electric entrance gate. All posted pool and spa regulations must be observed. (For more information, see Healthy and Safe Swimming on the Center for Disease Control website.)

  1. No diving allowed.
  2. No running or jumping in the pool/spa area.
  3. No alcohol, drugs, or smoking allowed.
  4. No glassware in pool/spa area.
  5. No Food or Beverage permitted in the pool or spa.
  6. All trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  7. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult.
  8. Non-toilet trained children or individuals who are incontinent must wear appropriate protective swim diaper/garment.
  9. Per current LA County Health Code, persons with active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed in the pool.
  10. Please shower prior to entering the pool or spa.
  11. No wet swimwear in the clubhouse or gym.
  12. Pregnant women should consult with a doctor prior to using the spa.
  13. Children under the age of five years are not permitted in the spa.
  14. The pool and spa are open for use during posted hours. Hours may vary based on maintenance requirements, etc.
  15. All recreational areas are closed at 10:30 p.m. (or as posted) each evening, unless the Clubhouse facilities are rented and alternate closing hours specified in the rental agreement.
  16. The number of non-resident guests for the pool is limited to six per household. More than that requires prior approval by management during regular business hours.
  17. No pets allowed.

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