Sewer System Care

The sewer system for Top O’ Topanga is a small wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system designed to treat residential wastewater then discharge it to the environment. The treatment plant can break down biodegradable waste, but it cannot break down grease or non-biodegradable products.

Toxic chemicals and medications can damage the biological treatment process and/or pass through the system into the environment and groundwater.

You should not place waste products other than human waste and toilet paper into the sewer system. Trash flushed down the toilet adds additional cost to sewer service, because this material needs to be physically removed from the system. Oil and grease can clog sewer lines, causing a sewer blockage or a spill. Trash can also clog pumps, requiring additional maintenance.

Our wastewater treatment plant is overseen by the Ventura Regional Sanitation District (VRSD).

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