Social Committee & Events

TOT Community Social Events are private TOT events open to all TOT residents, their accompanied guests, and supervised children. All events are alcohol-free, unless otherwise noted. These events are planned and produced by the TOT Social Committee, unless noted. Some events are more appropriate for some age groups than others.

Event information is shared in the TOT newsletter that is mailed monthly to owners with their account statement (and located in the right column). We seek to obtain verbal permission to include participant photos and first names (only) and parental releases for children. If you don’t want photos of you or your child included in the newsletter, please let someone from the Social Committee know.

How to be a great potluck guest

PuThe potluck supper is one in which everybody brings a dish to share, and all end up with a feast!

  • Come prepared. Bring everything you need to serve your dish, including utensils and trivets for hot dishes.
  • Bring something that can be served at room temperature. Getting oven space to heat a dish may not be available.
  • Things that people can eat right off a plate are often easier to transport and serve than soups and stews.
  • Keep it fresh. A grain salad, raw vegetable, or fruit dish adds variety and most peoples’ diets can accommodate them. Extra points for bringing organic food or non-meat protein. Casseroles and baked pastas are easy, crowd-pleasing, and transportable.
  • You don’t have to cook. You can volunteer to bring napkins, plates, cups, utensils, beverages, and quality store-bought food. Pizza will make a lot of people happy! (Source: Bon Appétit)

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