Utility Shutoffs

Gas (from https://www.socalgas.com/)

DO NOT turn off your meter, unless you smell natural gas, hear the sound of gas escaping, or see other signs of a leak – and ONLY if it’s safe to do so. Learn to recognize and respond to a natural gas leak by visiting: https://www.socalgas.com/stay-safe/emergency-information/natural-gas-leaks.

See the SoCalGas Website Emergency Shutoff Information (at https://www.socalgas.com/stay-safe/emergency-information/shut-off-natural-gas) for guidance on when and how to:
1) locate your gas meter
2) find the shut-off valve (you will need a 12-inch or larger adjustable wrench, best kept with your emergency supplies)
3) turn off the gas (and leave it off… call SoCal to turn it back on)
4) identify shut-off valves on gas appliances, rather than shutting off your gas service


(from Southern California Edison Electric (SCE) website at https://www.sce.com/outage-center/preparing-for-outages > Circuit Breaker Tips)

A sample TOT circuit breaker box
A sample TOT circuit breaker box

It’s important to know in advance how to reset circuit breakers and replace fuses in case of power outage. Use extreme caution when working on the electrical system. If you’re not confident about doing the job safely, contact a qualified, licensed electrician.

For tips, visit the SCE site above. If the power is still out after you turn the main switch back on, report it through Southern California Edison website or call 1-800-611-1911.

According to Los Angeles County Waterworks FAQS (at http://dpw.lacounty.gov/wwd/web/customerservice/FAQ.aspx), most water meters are equipped with a customer valve right at the water meter. The customer valve typically looks like a brass handle* located on the houseline side of the water meter.

A TOT water shutoff lever-yours may be different
A TOT water shutoff valve-yours may be different

Often this handle has an arrow stamped on top indicating the direction of flow. To turn off the water, turn the handle a quarter or half of a turn. You can check to make sure that the water is off by operating a faucet or hose bib. To restore the water supply to your home, simply turn the handle back to the position you found it.”

*Some TOT homes have red levers on the houseline side and brass handles on the other side of the meter.

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