Housing & Community Development (CA Department of)

The California State Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) sets policy and rules for neighborhoods like ours. Title 25 contains the building codes that pertain to manufactured housing communities. The HCD operates an inspection program with a goal of completing inspections in at least 5% of the parks in the state per year in order to ensure that a reasonable level of health and safety is maintained.

The inspection includes the park common facilities, such as lighting, roads, clubhouse, utilities, and other facilities for which the park is responsible, as well as individual home site spaces, including the outside of the homes and accessory structures for which the homeowner is responsible. HCD inspectors do not go inside a home, unless requested to do so by the homeowner. Official information on the inspection is  posted in the community per HCD requirements, and Lordon Management posts this information to our HOA website. If you cannot access the Mobile Home Park Inspection Resident Information Booklet, please request a copy from the Onsite Manager (see Management).

Here is some basic info to help you prepare for an inspection:

  • All patios, stairs, decks, landings, etc., 30 inches or higher must have a railing.
  • All skirting must be secured appropriately
  • No combustible structures maybe within three feet of the property line and/or six feet from another structure.

Citations for violations, depending on how serious, must be corrected as soon as possible or within 30 to 60 days. Inspectors have the authority to extend the deadline for compliance, if the situation warrants. Homeowners may appeal a citation to HCD, if they consider it unwarranted.

HCD does not have authority to assess fines against homeowners who do not comply.

These rules were created for mobile home parks where homeowners rent the space for their homes on property owned by an individual or a corporation. The rules still apply to mobile home parks that have converted to a Homeowners Association (HOA), which is the legal designation of Top of Topanga.

If you have specific questions about permits, codes, and manufactured home building rules regarding new installations or structural modifications, contact the Riverside, CA, office of HCD (Housing & Community Development) at (951) 782-4420.

More HCD information:

Call: 1-916-263-4742 (Sacramento area) / 1-800-952-5275 (Toll Free) / 1-800-735-2929 (TTD Number)

Email: MHassistance@hcd.ca.gov

Source(s): 2017 California Mobile Home Residency Law (PDF) 

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