Home Owners Association (HOA)

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are non-profit organizations responsible for ensuring the quality and value of commonly owned and used property. Like every HOA, ours is subject to its state’s property laws, and have their own governing documents. An all-volunteer, member-elected Board of Directors, serves as the governing body. Most of the cost to maintain TOT is funded by members’ (owners’) dues and assessments.

Lordon Management
Lordon Management is contracted to provide management services and works with the Board of Directors ensure the fulfillment of responsibilities. (See Management for more info.)

TOT HOA Board of Directors
Our TOT HOA Board consists of seven members (see Board Responsibilities (PDF)). Their terms last for two years and elections by written ballot by HOA members are held every May. They are elected on a staggered 4-3 basis (four one year, three the following year). The process begins with the Annual Election Call for Candidates and Filing / Nomination Form (see Candidacy Form-2020 PDF) for HOA members to declare their candidacy. Candidates must consider availability to commit to the large amounts of time and energy required to effectively fulfill the volunteer position of Board Member. Committees comprised of other volunteer residents assist with specific focus areas.

Board meetings are typically held on the 4th Monday of every month (and advertised in the monthly newsletters that owners receive along with their statements) and consist of a Board-only executive session, followed by a regular session and open forum that may be attended by residents. Town Hall meetings are also held regularly to encourage participation and knowledge sharing among all TOT residents. Special meetings are held when needed.

Quality living for all neighbors