Holding Pond Capacity Updates

(See also Water)

1/12/23 – Our Waste Water Treatment Plant Holding Pond has reached it’s maximum capacity due to the heavy rains over the last several days and the forecast rains to come.  It is imperative that we  prevent the overflow and reduce the water level of the pond by reducing the flow of water from our sewer system into the Waste Treatment Plant.

WE ARE ASKING ALL RESIDENTS TO REDUCE THEIR USE OF WATER IN HOMES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! This can be accomplished by taking shorter showers, flushing every other or two toilet uses and not letting faucets run when washing yourself, clothes, dishes, or brushing teeth.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL HOMEOWNERS COMPLY AND COOPERATE IN THIS REQUEST. The failure to keep the pond from overflowing will be costly to the entire community.

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