Water is supplied to us from the Los Angeles County Water Works District 29.  Some residents drink water directly from TOT taps, some use filters, as it does contain some chlorine and minerals. (Free testing kits are available at American Builders Supply.)

Here is their list of drought restrictions

The Top O’ Topanga community irrigates its common area slopes with its own recycled water from our Wastewater Treatment Plant. The water comes from our treatment plant storage pond. The water in the pond is treated in the wastewater plant and is suitable and designated, according to law, for irrigation of our common area slopes.  In order to maintain the water level in the pond at an acceptable level, it is a requirement that the water be used at a minimum rate to prevent pond overflow. Any common areas required to be irrigated by potable water are in compliance with County restrictions. The HOA requests that Residents comply with County water restrictions in the use of potable water to irrigate individual lots. The HOA will take note of violations and the application of appropriate penalties.

Protect Our Slopes

The slopes surrounding areas of our community are a critical part of our landscape and infrastructure, and it’s vital to protect them from erosion.

Water should never be discharged down slopes. All drainage and irrigation from home sites must be constructed in a manner that does not flood or direct water onto slopes or other homesites. All homes and garages are required to have rain gutters and/or other means to contain and direct run-off away from the home to the street. Down spouts are required to direct the flow of water in a manner that prevents surface flooding and follow gravity flow to the street.

Irrigation of common areas is provided by the Association and should be enough to maintain plants and trees without additional water from homesites. Please notify the Onsite Office if this is not the case for some plants or trees.

Homeowners are liable to the Association for any damage caused by water improperly draining from homesites onto slopes or any other common areas, and remediation can be costly. Please report any irrigation issues, or questions or concerns about slope protection, to the Onsite Office.

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