Trash & Waste Management

Organic Waste Bins at the Clubhouse California enacted The Short-Term Climate Pollutants Regulations set a goal of reducing the State’s landfilled organic waste by 75% by 2025.  For information about California recycling, efforts visit Management has provided five carts (near the onsite office) for Residents to utilize for their organic and small yard waste. Waste is picked up on Thursdays. Organic waste that is to go into the new carts:

  • TOT residents are required to wrap our organic waste (except for yard waste) before placing it in receptacles, which is different than the guidelines provided by Waste Management, who initially told us light plastic bags were acceptable. Please use only lightweight paper or compostable bags and exclude all plastic, compostable utensils, produce stickers, and twist ties.
  • Later this year, organic/yard waste carts will be required at every home (more info is on the flyer) and we’ll no longer need to bag organic waste.
  • The organic waste’s final destination is a bioenergy facilty where it is processed into renewable natural gas. Efforts are being made by residents to create common TOT composting.

Download this helpful flyer.

Waste bins must be kept out of sight and as far away from the street as possible, except on the day garbage is collected. Unless there is a holiday earlier in the week (see schedule below), our residential trash bins are usually emptied by LA County Waste Management (WM) every Thursday.  (See also Donating & Disposing Special or Hazardous Items).

  1. Automated carts (trash and recycling bins) must be placed at least one foot from each other and at least three feet from any obstruction, such as mailboxes, trees, cars, poles, and streetlights.
  2. They must be positioned with the handle and wheels toward your home.
  3. All items must fit inside the carts with the lids closed. Items not in the carts will not be collected. Instead, schedule a large item pickup with the Onsite Manager (see Management).

No trash should be flushed down the toilet, as it clogs our system and contaminates our groundwater (see Sewer System Care).

If you have large items needing disposal, keep them on your property and call the Onsite Office for pickup arrangements. Items should not be placed out for collection until the assigned pickup day.

If a bin needs to be replaced, call the number provided on the bin. Waste Management will assist you with receiving a replacement. For that and other questions, please call Waste Management: 805-522-9400 or 800-675-1171.

Recycling Basics from LA County Recycling Facts & Tips (see also Dumpsters).

  • Recyclables should be free of food and grease, and loose inside bins, not inside plastic or paper bags.
  • Plastic, glass, and aluminum containers: empty, rinse, and remove tops. You do not need to remove labels, as these will be burned off during the recycling process. Crushing items may save space, but avoid breaking glass, as this may make it unacceptable for recycling.
  • Newspaper: Separate from non-newsprint items.
  • Mixed non-newsprint paper: Magazines and catalogs, telephone books, direct mail, brochures, pamphlets and booklets, cereal, cake, chip, and cracker boxes are recyclable. Remove liners and food from boxes, flatten, and place in a paper sack with other mixed paper (not newspapers). Non-recyclable paper includes tissue, wax paper, and carbon paper.
  • Cardboard: Remove other materials in the box such as plastic wrap, polystyrene peanuts, and other packing materials; break down, keep clean and dry (to not weigh it down).

Holidays often affect the schedule as follows:

Holiday Date Residential Status
New Year’s Day January 1 One day delay
Day after New Year’s Day January 2 Normal schedule
Martin Luther King Day Third Monday of January Normal schedule
Memorial Day Last Monday of May One day delay
Independence Day July 4 One day delay
Labor Day First Monday of September One day delay
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday of November One day delay
Day after Thanksgiving Fourth Friday of November Normal schedule
Christmas Eve December 24 Normal schedule
Christmas Day December 25 One day delay


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